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Nov. 10, 2020

YoungWa's Next Adventure

Show Notes

Have you ever wanted to buy a van, hit the road and travel the United States?  Well, that's just what YoungWa decided to do.  She moved to Austin from Seattle two years ago.  YoungWa grew tired of corporate life and decided to make a life change.  Using her savings, she bought a Storyteller Overland van and started making plans. 

In late October 2020, YoungWa and her dog, Kimchi, started out on their new RV adventure.   Kimchi is the cutest  Australian Cattle Dog you've ever seen.  You can find him on Instagram and YouTube.  Check out YW & K-Dawg

I met YoungWa at an Austin Podcasters meetup in January 2020.  She is the creator and host of A & E with YoungWa, an unniche podcast.  Her Anything & Everything podcast 'explores inspirational stories, love and relationships, vulnerabilities, health, science, politics, conspiracy theories, and anything else that impacts society.'   

You can find YoungWa's podcast on YouTube and all the podcast streaming platforms.  

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