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June 18, 2020

Vicky Cardwell Balcou - Visual Creativity

In this episode, I interview Vicky Cardwell Balcou - about art, life and the creative process.  We also talked about how she embraces change and keeps moving forward.

Fort Worth native Vicky Cardwell Balcou was destined to be an artist. Born into a family of artists, designers and teachers, her mother and father supported her creativity.  Since graduating from The University of Texas, Vicky has had a long, successful career in commercial art, product design, illustration and advertising. Vicky's vast portfolio includes book design at top university presses and freelance projects from portraits to murals.  For more than 25 years, Vicky was a lead product designer for Fitz and Floyd.

Balcou's daughter, Elisa Jimenez, followed her family's creative lead and is building a prosperous career in interdisciplinary art.  You can hear Elisa's interview in episode 5, released earlier this season. 

In 2017, Balcou and long time college friend and fellow artist, Tina Woodruff, collaborated on a joint exhibit.  Their work was part of an art show entitled, Old Friends, New Directions.   The Austin American Statesman wrote about the show and their friendship.  

I loved Ms. Balcou's strategy about reinvention every 5 years.  Now with macular degeneration, she is updating her artistic style once again.  I hope you enjoy our conversation.  

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