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Dec. 19, 2019


We're excited to bring you Stories of Change and Creativity.  This interview podcast features interesting insights from professionals who inspire, educate and motivate.  In this trailer, Audio Engineer Anne Cox and Producer Judy Oskam talk about the focus of the podcast. 

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Anne Cox:   0:03
Hi and welcome to Stories of Change and Creativity. My name is Anne Cox and I am the audio engineer for this podcast. And today I am sitting down with our host, Dr Judy Oskam. We just wanted to go in a little bit about what the podcast is about and how this all came to be. So I just have a few questions for you. My first question is, How did you get in to starting the podcast? What's your inspiration and what's your Why?  

Judy Oskam:   0:29
Well, my why is people everywhere, every time I meet someone, I leave thinking that was an interesting thing to tell. Someone should tell that story, and I thought, why not me? I have a background in TV news and PR, and I've been in education for years, and I worked with some highly creative people, and I thought, I need to get involved with this, and I've been fascinated with the medium for a long time. I think whether they're in a creative field, whether they've just started a business, whether they own a coffee shop or have worked at a coffee shop, there's a story there, and I thought it was a good opportunity, all right? And then what do you want? A listener? To get out of this experience, I want a listener to really get the understanding of everyone faces change and there are creative ways to keep moving forward. I'm a big believer in live, love and learn. And I think the more people can see examples from how other people have done it, and that's doing life. How did they do life and just moving forward and, uh, take advantage of some of the tips and some of the knowledge? I think we're all on the planet to help each other and to learn. And I think that's what I hope people will get out of our podcast. And so I'm I'm just really excited about it, and I'm excited to be working with you. And what's your interest in audio and podcasting?  

Anne Cox:   2:03
I love audio. I think it's so just interesting and creative the way --I mean it's kind of like reading a book whenever you're listening to a podcaste or listening to scripted audio because your mind kind of creates the story with the audio as you're listening, and I just think that's so interesting and really, really cool when it's done well. And I, uh I mean, I first got into audio when I was working at KTSW, the radio station on campus. Um and I mean, I just fell in love with it, and I wanna keep working with it as long as I possibly can,  

Judy Oskam:   2:35
And we want you to as well.  Well, so we're excited. Please connect with us. We really want to engage with our listeners. And you can email me at You can subscribe on Apple,  Spotify wherever podcasts are found  

Anne Cox:   2:51
And leave us a review  

Judy Oskam:   2:54
And leave us a review and give us your feedback. And again, if you have a story to tell or know someone who does, please reach out and let us know because we know there are a lot of stories out there and it's all about change and creativity, and the one constant in life is change. So I think we need we need to realize that

Anne Cox:   3:10
Thank you guys for listening.